History and roadmap


The SocrateCloud Interactive Roadmap

SocrateCloud – An Accessible and Efficient Business Platform for customers and partners

SocrateCloud is the open business platform in the cloud that provides a complete and complex ERP, CRM & BI functionality, easy to use, thus ensuring business performance management.

The innovative cloud arhitecture helps partners to rapidly develop mobile or web applications, leveraging the existing infrastructure, processes and database. SocrateCloud provides high performance, reducing cost and complexity of application’s deployment.

April 2016
SocrateCloud 16.04
The most important functionalities and improvements are found in the multi-company and multi-accounting areas. The system was prepared for the new 394 declaration.
March 2016
SocrateCloud 16.03
New functionalities in the project management area, import from external sources for complex structure projects.
February 2016
SocrateCloud 16.02
Improvements and new capabilities in the inventory management area, inventory optimization reports for companies with large data volumes.
January 2016
SocrateCloud 16.01

New functionalities in the administrative area for administrators who manage organizational structures with a large and very large number of companies or business units to facilitate the role management for multi-company structures.

December 2015
SocrateCloud 15.12
New functionalities in the administrative area, improvements to the API methods and to the mechanisms of data import based on files.
November 2015
SocrateCloud 15.11
Improvements and new features in Treasury to optimize and automate the management of revenues received in advance.
October 2015
SocrateCloud 15.10

Easy, correct and complete user roles and rights administration

Accounting engine improvements for tenants with multi-company

September 2015
SocrateCloud 15.09

Easy configuration of user interface for each user

July 2015
SocrateCloud 15.07

Improving management of print formats

June 2015
SocrateCloud 15.06

New functionality for statement 300 (VAT deduction) generation

May 2015
SocrateCloud 15.05

SocrateCloud integration with other estimating solution

April 2015
SocrateCloud 15.04

Project Management enhancements

March 2015
SocrateCloud 15.03

Uniform notions of “Qty in progress” and “Actual qty” and exposure of all in warning messages and reports

February 2015
SocrateCloud 15.02

Extension of API methods

Planning the execution of recurring documents

December 2014
SocrateCloud 14.12

Integration with Datecs MP50, MP55 cash registers

November 2014
SocrateCloud 14.11

Add new user preferences for reports and print formats

October 2014
SocrateCloud 14.10

Extended SocrateCloud API functionality  – possibility to interact with SocrateCloud workflows

Single Sign-On for SocrateBI

September 2014
SocrateCloud 14.09

Automatic reconciliation of payments with the details of imported bank statements

Process of recurrent task generation in Hours Management for rapid allocation of repetitive tasks

First SocrateCloud API version with standardized functionality for easy integration with other applications

July 2014
SocrateCloud 14.07

Changes in the inventory aging report, with the display of historical costs

Enhancements and optimizations in time sheets

Optimization for processes that are executed on documents with a large number of details

June 2014
SocrateCloud 14.06

Discounts management

April 2014
SocrateCloud 14.04

K-board enhancements

New workflow for payments approval

March 2014
SocrateCloud 14.03

Complete royalties management

Redesigned Fixed Assets module

Payments management at item level using multiple due dates

February 2014
SocrateCloud 14.02

Enhanced workflow engine

Extended for Hungary – legislation compliant


November 2013
SocrateCloud 13.11

New attendance form


October 2013
SocrateCloud 13.10

Easy management with SocrateCloud Monitor.

Increased security.


September 2013
SocrateCloud 13.09

 Changes in interface/Migration to Smart GWT 4.


July 2013
SocrateCloud 13.07

Java 7 compatible.

Extending SocrateCloud MRP3 with Requisition functionalities.


May 2013
SocrateCloud 13.05

Contract management.

Sales target.

March 2013
SocrateCloud 13.03

Testing framework.

January 2013
SocrateCloud 13.01

Optimised for big data volume.

VAT regulation.

November 2012
SocrateCloud 12.11

Security – 2 steps authentication
GoogleCloud Print or local printers

October 2012
SocrateOpen 12.10

First SocrateCloud Version

June 2012
SocrateOpen 12.06

Partial alignment to Compiere 3.7 version
First version of BIT Software’s web interface

May 2012
SocrateOpen 12.05

Versioning change

August 2011
SocrateOpen 2.8

Multi accounting schema
Multi company improvements

June 2011
SocrateOpen 2.6

Assets Management
EDI Improvements

April 2010
SocrateOpen 2.4

Fleet Management – track expenses on cars
Improvement of confirmation

February 2012
SocrateOpen 2.2

Alignment with Compiere 3.6 version
Improvement of confirmation documents

September 2009
SocrateOpen 1.9

Alignment with Compiere 3.5 version
Generate Sales Orders from Requests
E-commerce integration (Magento)

September 2009
SocrateOpen 1.8

Cashflow report

July 2009
SocrateOpen 1.7

Alignment with Compiere 3.3 version
Secured web services
HandHeld integration

June 2009
SocrateOpen 1.6

Alignment with Compiere 3.2 version
Hours Management
Fleet Management
Online Banking

May 2008
SocrateOpen 1.5

Lead Management
Project issue

March 2008
SocrateOpen 1.3.3

Landed cost for FIFO
Inventory control
Customer orders from Projects

March 2008
SocrateOpen 1.3.2

New cost engine
Light manufacturing (simplified version)

March 2008
SocrateOpen 1.3

Fixed Assets Module
Match Ship
Deliveries with dispatching on cars
Costs developments and improvements
Costs based on Purchase Orders

February 2007
SocrateOpen 1.2

TVA reverse charge implementation

january 2007
SocrateOpen 1.1

“Projects Info” – rapid, complete view on projects

January 2006
SocrateOpen 1.0

Romanian localization including RAS accounting rules

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